Why opt for a Managed Colocation Web Hosting


Ours was an online products selling website and the website was already a decade and half old. It was developed using web technologies of which most of them are outdated by now. It was high time that we felt we need to update or revamp our entire website using the latest web technologies or else we will start to lose our existing online shoppers and customers.

After having created an entirely new website which was very attractively designed and user friendly in all aspects we tried to get it hosted and at that point of time we came to know that our existing web hosting service provider could not support the various features that our website had. However, our web designer made a quick web research and returned to us with the best suggestion of hosting our website through web-hosting which he told us is the best web hosting company in the internet.

The Web Master explained to us that the managed-hosting had all the necessary requisites through its efficiently managed-hosting in order to support the various web applications and features that our website had. Also the colocation had a unique feature known as colocation using which we were able to get very high security for our application servers.